Cooking Together

I felt like God gave me an idea.

Does that ever happen to you? Like it’s more than just a passing thought. It’s a seed that you know He planted in your heart. Since He authored it, you can trust that He’ll write out the whole story, a chapter at a time.

This time for me, it started from a conversation with a friend about how there aren’t generations of women gathering regularly who get to benefit from the wisdom from the older ages and the wonder from the younger ages. (1 Peter 4:8-10; Titus 2:3-8) I agreed! And since I have a daughter, I wanted to catalyze something that could create that opportunity since I don’t have family living close by right now.

I thought of inviting a group of moms and their daughters over to cook together. I thought we could take turns meeting at each others’ homes sharing our special recipes or interests. I invited a mix of great friends who had daughters of all ages. I love keeping things simple, so I just had two “requests” – no phones in the kitchen, and the older women should reach out to connect with the younger girls as much as possible.

I love my friends. I’m so proud of the women they are – working moms, trying to model excellence and care for their girls. I want my daughter to know them and learn from them. We can be a tribe of support and encouragement for each other.

For this first gathering, I decided to teach everyone to make homemade tortillas. My mom made them for my family, and there’s nothing better than a warm homemade tortilla with butter!!!

The event was perfect – low-key, simple, and memorable. I loved watching moms and their daughters walking through a tortilla recipe and kneading the dough together. I loved seeing older girls help younger girls roll out the dough and spread butter on their own warm creations. Everyone was eager to act, help, or just connect. It really was special.

We look forward to meeting again! My vision included meeting monthly for sushi-making (ala Sierra Gale Sefoods), etiquette training with a fancy meal, baking, holiday parties, etc. helping to prepare these girls for entering the world with great confidence, knowing they can make a huge impact on this world.

Do you have an idea that God has given you? Go for it! It makes life rich and meaningful.

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