Women’s Christmas Tea and Advent Devotional

“Thinking of tea time evokes pleasant memories of friendships steeping over a hot pot of tea.” TEA FOR TWO

Women’s Christmas Tea

Saturdays, 3-4:30 PM

We wanted to invite you to a time of not only nourishment to your body but also to your soul.  Please think about joining us each or one Saturday throughout December at 3 pm for Christmas tea and an Advent discussion. 

We will read through “Advent, The Weary World Rejoices” by Lifeway Women, for our 5 week focused study through Dec. You can purchase it from Amazon.com or Lifeway.com. We have a few available for purchase at $10 each. See Sabrina if you are interested.

Christmas Tea Dates

A huge thanks to our hosts for this intimate time together. Here are dates we have set aside to meet.

  • Nov. 21st – Prepare Advent calendars and our hearts in discussion of “Hope and Waiting” (week 1)
  • Dec. 5th – His gift of Peace (week 2)
  • Dec. 12th – Joy (week 3)
  • Dec. 19th – Love (week 4 and wrap up)

“Set aside some time in the middle of the afternoon to turn your attention to the beauty of life that the Lord has set before you.  Find beauty and comfort in the people around you, the flowers on a table or simply the delicious aroma of tea brewing.  Create a few moments away from the hustle and bustle of your life before returning to the tasks that await you. Give thanks to the Lord for sharing His presence with you.” TEA FOR TWO


Please fill out the form below to let us know you will be able to join us. Maximum of 8 registered attendees permitted.

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