One of my favorite things to do is go riding with other women. I enjoy speeding down the trails with long-time riders or introducing the sport to beginners and watching them learn.

Mountain Bike Mondays for women in Summit County is the perfect opportunity for both.

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Need a Bike?

Christy Sports (Lone Star Sports) at the River Center graciously donates bike rentals for beginners. Just visit them before 5 PM so they can fit you with a bike and helmet, and return it within 24 hours. Please tip them if you are able to for their kindness and generosity.

History Of MBM (from Facebook)

Mountain Bike Mondays was started in 2008 by Erika Tieszen. She had a vision to start a group ride for women in Summit County and here is how it all started:

“I want you all to picture this… about 11 years ago a girl walked into a bike store in Grand Island, NE and was sold a x-large red Raleigh… She loved the way it looked. She moved to Denver, Co to go to the performing arts school, and her roommates decided to take her on a crazy technical bike ride in the front range and she went… fighting the whole time about having to wear a helmet. She didn’t want to look like an idiot… I bet she was wearing running shorts or some kind of soccer shorts and running shoes… that was me. Clueless but determined… I crashed hard on some 2 foot rock steps that to this day I probably can’t get over. It took 1 year to get me back on a bike. I was terrified and I think that is what happens to most of us girls.” – Erika Tieszen

This being said, she went on to become a very successful endurance mountain bike racer. From her experience she knew what it was like to be new to mountain biking. Her vision was to create a safe environment for women to be encouraged and to learn and progress. From the gal who has never ridden a bike to the Pro’s, all are welcome. This is a fun, safe and encouraging place to ride bikes together. No pressure, and best of all its girl time!

We will work on skills, learn about bike maintenance and learn the trails in our own backyard. This is what Erika intended. She moved in 2010 but Mountain Bike Mondays continued. Mainly for selfish reasons, I did not want the fun to end. I gained so much from being a part of this group that I wanted to continue to share this experience with others. So it continues and we are loving every minute of it. I hope you will join us! 

~ Katie Stamp

Join us Next Monday!