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YoungLife is about three things: Jesus, Kids, and FUN. We believe that teenagers deserve to know just how sweet it is to walk through life with Jesus. Whether we are at campaigners, club, camp, or just hanging out at home together, we want to create relationships that will allow us to be real with kids, and have them trust us enough to be real back. We go to where kids are, and slowly build friendships for the sake of loving them like Jesus loves us: unconditionally and without judgement.

YoungLife Campaigners

YoungLife is all about “earning the opportunity” to be in kids’ lives. We try daily to earn the opportunity to hang out with them, walk through struggles with them, and ultimately, to share the love and good news of Jesus with them. Campaigners is where we get to go little deeper. Our leaders take students through pre-written studies designed to apply scripture to their real lives, making the Bible feel a bit more relatable. While Club and events are considered “outreach”, Campaigners is the “discipleship” portion of the mission. To find out more about scheduling or what studies are happening, please feel free to reach out to the Area Director, Rob Fuller (contact info below).


Club is a time of music, fun, socializing, and general goofiness. Typically, Club involves getting kids out of their shells with silly games and skits, singing popular songs (at the top of our lungs) with friends, seeing leaders embarrass themselves, and finally, a short club talk centered on the life of Jesus.


Whereas YoungLife is for high school students, WyldLife is our program for our rambunctious middle school friends! We are still in the process of trying to get WyldLife up and running, so if you know anyone who loves the Lord and has a heart for middle school kids, please consider recommending this program to them!


Each summer, WyldLife and YoungLife each get to go to camp at one of our amazing facilities around the state (or country!) for The Best Week of their Life!! They get to enjoy over-the-top activities & games, fantastic speakers, cozy cabins and generous volunteers who make sure that each student has the daily opportunity to experience the love of Jesus. We highly encourage kids to attend camp, have an incredible week, make long-lasting friendships and be surrounded by a group of people that will love them for who they are.

In the fall/winter, we get to have the same amount of fun and fellowship shrunk down into a weekend getaway, often referred to as “Polar Bear”. Our winter camps are a great opportunity for kids to escape the pressures of school and work to just enjoy a weekend of fun, growth, and relaxation.

Get Involved

We are rebuilding. We are constantly in need of adult volunteers (of all ages!) who love kids and want to be a part of bringing the name of Jesus into their lives. Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Leaders – these are the people doing what we call “contact work. They are meeting with teens regularly, having fun with them, walking through life together, helping to lead programs like club and campaigners, and maybe even taking them to camp!
  • Committee – If you have a heart for kids, but not the time or energy to be building relationships with them on a weekly basis, consider joining the committee! The Committee is a group of people who further the mission of YoungLife through things like Community Engagement, helping to coordinate events, fundraising, meeting with donors, and showering the leaders in prayer and encouragement.
  • Donors – Come alongside us a partner, and consider giving to YoungLife. Whether through monthly donations or one-time gifts, your financial gifts make sure that we can do fun things like hand out donuts at school, buy lunch for the kid who forgot their wallet, purchase supplies for club and events, and help get kids to camp to hear about Jesus. 

Contact Us

Rob Fuller – Area Director

Phone: (512) 680-1118